Company Profile
Company Name MediGear International Corporation
Address ZIP Code 226-8510
E207, Yokohama Venture Plaza of Tokyo
Institute of Technology, 4259-3,
Nagatsutachou, Midori-ku, Yokohama,Japan
Takeo Tanaka
Established April 2, 2013
Capital 33,450,000(JPY)
President and C.E.O.
Academic Graduate school of Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology, majored in Engineering Physics, master’s degree of engineering.
Graduate school of Life Science & Technology at Tokyo Institute of Technology, majoring in Bio-molecular Engineering, doctoral student.
Industry Founder of MediGear International Corporation for medical device development.

Provided IT & micro-electronics related products and services at the several start-ups in US and Japan, such as encryption systems, multi-media content distribution services, high speed search engine, electronic health record system and services, etc.

Before that, developed diamond thin film semiconductor, semiconductor inspection service, coal liquefaction project, industrial robots, non-destructive inspection system and instrument for steel making process at the laboratory of Kobe Steel Ltd.

2013 : formed MediGear International Corp. at the incubation facility in Tokyo Tech.
2014 : got several governmental grants for the development of medical devices.
2015 : applied a patent of the less invasive cancer therapy with nano-devices.
2016 : got the NEDO grant and other governmental grant and award.